Jim Wyatt of Titans Online reported that returning players on the Titans roster are excited about the team adding new assets. Many players on the team have been especially gushing about former Patriots Dion Lewis (running back) and Malcolm Butler (cornerback). The most vocal have been Kevin Byard and Logan Ryan.

Jim Wyatt quotes standout defensive back Kevin Byard about adding Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler. “Those guys are going to make us better,” Byard said. “We welcome both of those guys. They’re going to help us win.”

Byard was quoted specifically talking about how adding Malcolm Butler adds another dimension to the defensive back department.

“I think he is going to be a great addition to our room,” Byard said. “Just his mentality, his grit. He is a no-nonsense guy who just wants to go out there and ball and be successful. And that is the mentality we have in our DB room. We don’t have any big name guys. We are just out here fighting and clawing for everything we can get.”

Former Patriot, Logan Ryan is very familiar with Lewis and Butler as well and had good things to say about Lewis.

“I have known Dion since high school,” Ryan was quoted by Wyatt saying. “He dominated in college. He is such a good football player, a legit player. Wherever he goes he is going to make that team better, especially us. I was so excited when we got him.”

In 2017, for the New England Patriots, Dion Lewis had 180 carries for 896 yards. That was an average of five yards per carry. He accumulated six touchdowns on the ground in 2017. Lewis also had zero fumbles lost. As for receptions in 2017, he had 32 receptions for 214 yards. He also had three receiving touchdowns.

For his career, Lewis has 329 carries for 1,584 yards. He has punched it in for rushing touchdowns 10 times. His longest rush was in 2017 for 44 yards.

As for receiving during his career, he has 88 receptions for 717 yards. Lewis has five career receiving touchdowns.

In 2017 Malcolm Butler had 60 tackles, one sack, three forced fumbles, and two interceptions (NFL.com). For his career he has 205 combined tackles (173 total and 32 assisted). Also for his career he has two sacks and eight interceptions.

Malcolm Butler’s contract with the Titans is for five years and 61.25 million dollars. 30 million of that is guaranteed money.

Dion Lewis’ deal is for four years and 20 million dollars. On top of that there are 3 million dollars in incentives.