Jim Wyatt of Titans Online first reported that former and present Tennessee Titans are on the same page when it comes to the new uniforms. Wednesday, April 4 the Titans made an event and spectacle for the unveiling.

Former Titans safety Blaine Bishop from the Titans Super Bowl team was excited about the new threads. Bishop offered words of encouragement to the present players.

Bishop alluded to the fact that when the Titans went to the Super Bowl they too were wearing new uniforms.

“The first year we wore (brand new Titans uniforms), we went to the Super Bowl,” Bishop chimed. “The first year y’all wear them, y’all going to the Super Bowl. But y’all don’t just go there. Y’all win that thing! Win that thing! Win that thing!”

Titans all-pro defensive back Kevin Byard was equally amped up about the new look uniforms.

“These jerseys are going to represent what the Titans are all about,” he said. “It’s powerful. I think it’s what the Titans are all about. They wanted to go back to Greek mythology and things like that,” Byard followed up saying.

There were other current players that echoed Byard’s sentiment. Brian Orakpo was in good spirits and excited about the new garb.

“I love them (the uniforms),” said Orakpo. “They look great. This is that fierce, tough Titans look that we all wanted. I was kind of skeptical at first with the whole new uniform change and things like that, because you got so accustomed to the old ones, but we are going to love them (the new uniforms).”

Orakpo went on to elaborate, saying that the new uniforms positively represent the Titans franchise and the city of Nashville.

“It kind of symbolizes the Tennessee Titans- the city, the team, everything all in one. Look good, play good, man. That’s the new motto.”

Left tackle Taylor Lewan was yet another that was outspoken about the new get-ups.

“I think (they) are awesome,” Lewan said. “I’m a big fan. I love the fact that it is not a dramatic change, but the new things will definitely inspire the young republic. I think it will bring a little facelift to the team, and I am fired up about that.”

Blaine Bishop was the not the sole former Titan present for the event.

Titans great Eddie George was on site and he reflected on how fast the years have gone by.

“A lot of things go through my mind. Number one, how fast 20 years flies by,” George said. “Number two, is how the old uniform now is officially a throwback. That is also eye-opening.”

George did happen to go on to say that the uniforms are a step in the right direction. George also said that good years could be on the horizon for the new look Titans.

“But I am really excited,” George said. “Hopefully the signs are all leading to the Titans having a great year, and ending in Atlanta with us crossing over the one yard line for a Super Bowl win.”