Titans controlling owner, Amy Adams Strunk, believes that the city of Nashville will be fortunate enough to host the NFL draft in either 2019 or 2020. NFL owners will meet from May 21 to May 23 in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time the draft locations will be chosen and decided. Outside of Nashville, there are four other cities (finalists) competing to get the opportunity to host the event. The cities are: Kansas City, Las Vegas, Denver and Cleveland.

Jim Wyatt (Titans Online) hasĀ Strunk on record saying that she is upbeat and hopeful about Nashville’s chances to host the event. Wyatt’s article goes on to add quotes from Strunk.

“The league has now done two site visits (In Nashville),” Strunk said. And our visitors Convention Committee has a strong plan. And let’s be honest: Nashville is the ‘it’ city. It’s the ‘it’ city, and we know how to throw a party.”

Strunk goes on to elaborate, explaining how big of a deal it would be for the city of Nashville to host the draft. Strunk also makes a pitch as to why Nashville is worthy of playing host.

“Lower Broadway, can you imagine how it would be? There’s venues all over town,” Strunk said. “And you have the music element. I think we are serious contenders, without a doubt.”

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