Jim Wyatt of Titans Online reported on March 22 that the Tennessee Titans defensive secondary has been working together all over middle Tennessee. The movement was stemmed by defensive backs Logan Ryan and Kevin Byard. After the 2017 season was complete, the two players started working out together. From there a group text started, and the rest of the Titans’ defensive backs jumped on board.

Wyatt quotes Ryan on the team bonding workout experience.

“It really has been a real bonding thing, and I think everybody’s hunger is pushing each other,” Ryan said. “We want to be the top secondary in the league. We want to bring a Super Bowl to Nashville, so let’s just go for it. That has been our thinking out here, training, going out to restaurants and just hanging out. We have something special right now and we want to make the most of it, and fulfill our potential.”

Wyatt also provides quotes from Kevin Byard who commented on how the workouts have been paying dividends.

“Any time when you are sweating together,” Byard said. “When you’re going through blood, sweat and tears with a group of guys, it does nothing but build camaraderie.” Byard followed up saying: “We are all pushing each other to get to the next level. It has been great.”