“He’s everything that you see on the football field, which is very calm and relaxed and easy-going. But you can see that little spark inside of him. When you look into his eyes you can kind of tell what goes on inside his soul. I like him a lot because he is humble and he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. And he’s a good football player.”

Marcus Mariota is the most important aspect to the Titans offense in 2018. Read more about that here.

“The thing is being able to allow the player, Marcus in this case, to take his talents, and just be natural with it,” added Stewart. “When we saw him at Oregon, we saw the RPOs, which is something he hasn’t done since he’s been with the Tennessee Titans. If you can add that functionality to it a little bit, it gives him a chance to be himself. Being able to move and run a little bit is a big part of why he’s been so successful and why he won a Heisman Trophy.”

Kordell Stewart had these remarks about Marcus Mariota per Jim Wyatt of the Titans’ official website.