Jim Wyatt recently wrote an article quoting general manager Jon Robinson on the upcoming NFL draft.

Many times in the NFL draft you see teams opt to draft players who are the best fit for the franchise. Robinson said that he intends to do so for the 25th overall pick on the NFL draft.

“Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll probably try to do. Take the best player that fits our football team and hopefully fills a need,” he said.

According to Robinson the plan for the first round pick is fluid and subject to change. He is not ruling out different possibilities. He mentions that they could stay put at 25, move up or move back.

“There will be a good player there at 25, and if there is somebody within striking distance we’ll maneuver and get ourselves up. Or, we could potentially slide back.”

Wyatt also quotes controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk.

Strunk mentions that she and Robinson are on the same page and that she is excited by the draft possibilities. She says that she has full faith in Robinson’s process.

“You never know with Jon. There could be moves down or up or anything. What I find exciting is watching Jon at work in the draft room. It is action-packed fun. I’m looking forward to it,” Strunk said.