“He’s got to get more opportunities, he’s got to be given an opportunity to be the guy, and allow the game to come to him, versus him trying to show improvement, make something big happen and show that he’s worthwhile in this league. Because when you’re in that position, the second guy in, you don’t know when you’re going to get your opportunities. You want to make the most of it,” Eddie George told the Tennessean.

“There are times that he’s done that,” George said, “and I think based off of the opportunities and the reps that he had, while he’s in there he’s got to make something happen now, and it’s worked for him in the past. But as he becomes that guy, he can be more patient with the game and allow the game to come to him, and not worry about hitting the home runs but setting up the home runs. So he’s punishing the defenders in between the tackles. He’s softening up that defense to set up his bigger runs in the fourth quarter. I think it’s a matter of him being patient and wanting to deliver the blows inside, in between the tackles.”

“I think Derrick is the next heir apparent to take over that position,” George said. “I still think DeMarco Murray has some tread on the tires, but he was injured, obviously. Derrick is going to learn how to be consistent in this league. He’s definitely a home-run hitter, but most of your damage is done in between the tackles, and for him – you saw in the Kansas City game – when he gets it 25, 30 times a game, he can wear on a defense with his big body. He’s got to learn to impose his will more consistently, especially in the playoffs, to get more opportunity in that regard. I think it’ll happen for him.”

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